When searching for a shredding company, people tend to consider various factors based on their individual needs and preferences. However, some common factors that people may consider when looking for a shredding company include:

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People value the security and privacy of their sensitive documents and may look for a shredding company that offers secure on-site shredding.
A shredding company’s reputation is important. People may look for reviews or ratings from previous customers to ensure the company has a good track record.
Compliance with state and federal regulations may be important for people, especially if they are shredding sensitive documents from their business or medical practice. Companies should be compliant with privacy laws like HIPPA and FACTA.
While not the most important factor, price is still a consideration. People may compare prices between different shredding companies to ensure they are getting a fair deal.
Shredding companies should provide a certificate of destruction when the documents are shredded.
Convenience is important for busy individuals who may not have time to drop off documents at a shredding facility. They may prefer a shredding company that offers on-site or pick-up services.
People may be environmentally conscious and may look for a shredding company that offers eco-friendly shredding options.
Customer Service:
Good customer service is important to everyone. People may prefer a company that provides personalized attention and takes the time to answer their questions.
While convenience is important, the location of the shredding company may also be a consideration. People may prefer a company that is located near their home or business. Supporting local businesses is important, and local service companies are more likely to be on time due to less travel.
Availability is important for busy individuals who may need to schedule shredding services outside of traditional business hours. They may look for a company that offers flexible scheduling options.
Owner Operated
Most people understand that there is nothing like a good owner operator. Not only are they usually local, but they care more about the business than anyone else does. Mega corporations can’t compete with a good local owner operator.

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