What is Drop Off Shredding?

Answer: Drop off shredding is where you bring your confidential documents to a convenient drop off shredding location near you. Your documents will be professionally shredded by Shred Bull at the drop off location.

How does drop off shredding work?

Answer: You bring your documents to one of our Drop Off Shredding locations where Shred Bull's drop off shredding partners will keep your documents safe in one of our locked security carts until Shred Bull comes by and shreds the documents.

How much does drop off shredding cost?

You should expect to pay them $10 per standard bankers box(15″x12″x10″ or about 25lbs) of paper(1 box minimum). Paper only - please no metal, 3 ring binders, hanging folders, etc. Paper clips and staples are ok:)

Drop Off Shredding? Please read below!

Drop Off Shredding Locations - Irvine, Tustin, Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel

Shred Bull Official Drop Off Locations are separately owned and operated. As such, they make their own hours and rules.

Please contact your local drop off location prior to showing up to make sure they are open.

Each location(except Laguna Niguel) has agreed to charge $10 per banker box(15″x12″x10″). Paper only please(no metal). We have drop off shredding locations in Tustin, Irvine, Lake Forest Mission Viejo & Laguna Niguel. Here is a list of each drop off shredding location and their contact info:

Lake Forest, AAA Quality Self Storage 949-829-2917

 23122 El Toro Frontage Rd, Lake Forest, CA 92630 Call to make sure they are open, Last I checked hours are 8AM-6PM Monday to Saturday, Sunday 10AM-4PM


Irvine, PostalAnnex+ 949-857-6782

15333 Culver Dr #340, Irvine, CA 92604 Call to make sure they are open, Last I checked hours are 10AM-6PM Monday to Saturday

Laguna Niguel, AIM Mail Center 949-249-8879


30025 Alicia Pkwy, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 Call to make sure they are open, Last I checked hours are Monday to Friday 9AM–6PM , Saturday 10AM–4PM, Closed Sunday

Mission Viejo, A-1 Mail Portola Plaza (949) 855-4522

27758 Santa Margarita Pkwy, Mission Viejo, CA 92691 Call to make sure they are open, Last I checked hours are 9AM-6PM Monday to Saturday

Tustin – AAA Quality Self Storage 714-733-6709

2681 Walnut Ave, Tustin, CA 92780 Call to make sure they are open, Last I checked hours are 8AM-6PM Monday to Saturday, Sunday 10AM-4PM


Shred Bull® Official Secure Drop Off Shredding Locations

Have more than 3 boxes? Call us and we'll come to you 949-459-FAST

or you can Email Shred Bull®: atinfo@shredbull.com or you can fill out our fun form and a we will contact you ASAP


"Do I watch my documents getting shredded with the Drop Off Shredding?"

No you do not see your documents get shredded at the drop off location. Drop off shredding locations are a fast and convenient way to destroy confidential documents that are commonplace in almost every business.

The drop off locations do not shred your documents while you wait! The drop off locations keep your documents locked and safe until Shred Bull comes by and shreds for the individual location.

All documents will(at a later date) be shredded on location, just NOT while you watch/wait.

If you want to watch your documents get shredded, please make an appointment for our mobile shredding service here, and we will come to you with our shredding truck and shred all your documents while you watch. 

Would you prefer watching us shred all your documents ?



OK, maybe the drop off shredding is not what you want.

Don't feel alone, most people would rather see the shredding take place.

That is why we have a $250,000 shredding truck.

Just fill out our super easy form and we will come to you at a specific time...and it will only take 10 minutes!

How much is the Mobile shredding service?

Mobile shredding starts at $99 for up to 10 boxes

Do you still have questions?

We know this stuff can be confusing if you have never hired a professional mobile shredding company before.

Sometimes it is just easier to talk to someone who does this every day, so just give us a call, we are nice:)