In an effort to combat identity theft, Laguna Niguel Police Services offers holds a Shred Identity Theft event for Laguna Niguel residents several times a year.  The event is generally held on Saturdays from 7 a.m. to noon, or until trucks reach capacity, at Laguna Niguel City Hall. 

We encourage you to bring your personal checks, billing statements, paycheck stubs, tax records, medical paperwork, legal documents, credit card offers and statements, and any other confidential documents you no longer need to our Shred Identity Theft event. Limit is 10 boxes per car load. Don't forget to remove documents from all notebooks, folders, and binder/paper clips.

For more information about identity theft, including protecting yourself, click on this Identity Theft Reference Guide Brochure.

Shred Event
Community shredding events are something that really do make neighborhoods safer. Once your trash hits the sidewalk, it’s public domain—and you run the risk of identity thieves getting your information and using it against you.

FREE shredding events in Orange County

Most free shredding events limit the number of boxes you can bring to 2. This helps ensure that everyone that shows up won’t have to wait hours in line to get their documents shredded. I've shredded at an event where a guy brought a box truck full of document boxes to be shredded. Everyone had to wait for him to unload and shred over 100 boxes! The best free shredding events are sponsored by community organizations and local businesses who have rules to make sure everyone who attends leaves happy and satisfied. Most of the time they also get a free donut and coffee:) Some city sponsored events have no limits and can generate long lines of vehicles and angry people. I avoid these free shredding events as it is a poor reflection on Shred Bull. When we are hired to do an event we do our best to make things run smoothly.

For information about booking your own shredding event call us. The price is $349 for 2 hours. 949-459-3278

Free community shredding events, like the one the city of Laguna Niguel hold annually can help make Laguna Niguel a safer place.

Does Laguna Niguel ’s Free Shredding Event allow you to witness the shredding?

Witnessing the shredding is important, and the best way to ensure that your confidential documents are properly destroyed. This is why privacy laws like HIPAA require that patient information containing documents are shredded while the practice can watch.


Often times community free shredding events are so over crowded that they cut corners and allow shredding companies to collect paper and shred it at some other location. They call this “off site shredding’. This is an unsafe practice.

Shred Bull does not participate in any event that does off site shredding and allows paper to leave the event un-shredded. Many of the city sponsored events allow this ‘off site’ pick up and shred later practice to take place, which is why you will not find Shred Bull participating in those free shredding events.

Any time you hire a shredding company ask if you can watch the shredding take place, if they don’t, find another place to shred your documents.