Hard Drive Shredding is the only way to be 100% sure your data has been destroyed.

How many documents are stored on a 1T hard drive?

One terabyte is generally considered to contain 75 million pages! That means a 1T HARD DRIVE could contain as many as 18,750,000 documents, assuming an average of four pages per document. You would hate for this information to end up in the wrong hands.

Have you ever recycled your ewaste at a free ewaste event?
Identity thieves are able to buy and sort through hundreds of hard drives and media disks at a time and pull social security numbers, bank account details, birth certificates, online passwords, passport photos, and addresses to create new identities, credit cards, take out loans, and empty bank accounts.

Are you thinking about donating your lap top or smart phone?
Donated computers, Laptops, and data disks are a major source of information for identity thieves. These items should not be viewed as trash but rather as storage of massive amounts of your personal and confidential data. Most recycling companies ship electronic waste or “e-waste” overseas to be disassembled.

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