Orange County, California, is home to a variety of excellent pizza places, each offering a unique slice of the pizza experience. However, if you're looking for the top spot, Apizza Doho in Dana Point takes the crown as the number one pizza place in the region.

Best pizza in Orange County!

Apizza Doho

(Dana Point )

Located in the picturesque coastal city of Dana Point, Apizza Doho has quickly risen to the top of the pizza scene in Orange County. Known for its commitment to quality and authentic flavors, Apizza Doho specializes in wood-fired pizzas that feature a perfect blend of crispy crust, fresh toppings, and a touch of char from the wood-burning oven. The ambiance, paired with their delectable menu, makes it a must-visit for pizza aficionados.

Other Noteworthy Pizza Places in Orange County

  1. Kuro Artisanal Pizza (Costa Mesa)
    • This spot stands out with its unique punk-rock vibe and innovative take on Neapolitan-style pizzas. Each pie is crafted with organic ingredients and cooked to perfection in a distinctive black exterior oven.
  2. Folks Pizzeria (Costa Mesa)
    • A charming pizzeria known for its warm atmosphere and farm-to-table approach. Their lightly charred, fluffy pizzas are a hit, adorned with fresh, locally sourced toppings.
  3. Loosies Pizza (Santa Ana)
    • For lovers of New York-style thin-crust pizza, Loosies offers a slice of the Big Apple right in Orange County. Their large slices and tangy tomato sauce make for an authentic East Coast experience.
  4. Rance’s Chicago Pizza (Costa Mesa)
    • Bringing the Windy City's famous deep-dish pizza to the West Coast, Rance’s is a go-to for those craving the rich, buttery flavors of Chicago-style pizza.
  5. Angelina’s Pizzeria Napoletana (Irvine)
    • This pizzeria is celebrated for its authentic Neapolitan pizzas made with imported Italian ingredients, including San Marzano tomatoes and mozzarella di bufala.
  6. Il Dolce Pizzeria (Costa Mesa)
    • Offering old-school wood-fired Naples-style pizzas, Il Dolce blends traditional techniques with modern flair, resulting in pizzas that are both crispy and richly flavored.
  7. Buccaneer Pizza (Santa Ana and Villa Park)
    • Known for its thick crust and creative toppings, Buccaneer Pizza serves a variety of specialty pies, including spicy options like Fire In The Hole.

These pizzerias, among others, contribute to Orange County's diverse and vibrant pizza landscape, ensuring that there's something for every pizza lover to enjoy​ (Locale Magazine)​​ (Enjoy OC)​.

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