Shredding Events
Community shredding events are something that really do make neighborhoods safer. Once your trash hits the sidewalk, it’s public domain—and you run the risk of identity thieves getting your information and using it against you.
Orange County Shredding Event

Shred Bull Free Shredding Event Info

Shred Bull regularly shreds for free shredding events in Orange County. These events are a great way to safely dispose of your confidential documents, such as old bank statements, medical records, and credit card bills.  Communities, Businesses, Real Estate Agents and orange county cities all recognize the value in sponsoring such events and helping protect their customers and members from identity theft.

Here are some of the benefits of us shredding your confidential documents:

  • It helps to protect your identity from identity thieves.
  • 100% SECURE & compliant with all state & US privacy laws like HIPAA & FACTA.
  • Protects businesses from legal issues relating to privacy laws
  • Save your personal shredder from overheating and breaking down…not to mention time savings.
  • It can give you peace of mind knowing that your confidential information is safe.

We hope to see you at a Shred Bull shredding event soon!

FREE shredding events in Orange County

Most free shredding events limit the number of boxes you can bring to 5. This helps ensure that everyone that shows up won’t have to wait hours in line to get their documents shredded. I’ve shredded at an event where a guy brought a box truck full of document boxes to be shredded. Everyone had to wait for him to unload and shred over 100 boxes!

Some city sponsored events have no limits and can generate long lines of vehicles and angry people. I avoid these free shredding events as it is a poor reflection on Shred Bull.  The best free shredding events are sponsored by community organizations and local businesses who have rules to make sure everyone who attends leaves happy and satisfied. 

Free events are only free to attendees, make sure to thank your sposors should you attend a free shredding event in southern california.  Much of the time you also get a free donut and coffee:)

Free community shredding events make your town a safer place and enhances your local community.  Read or free shredding event comprehensive guide here.

Would you like to host your own community shredding event?

When we are hired to do an event we do our best to make things run smoothly. A majority of the shredding events are two hours, like 9AM-11AM on a Saturday morning. Extra hours can be purchased. For neighborhood shredding events, 2 hours is plenty of time. Saturdays are busy for agents...and most folks like to get their to do's done early. For information about booking your own shredding event just fill out our request form and we will contact you.

The price will be $399 for 2 hours

  • We include up to 100 boxes with your event rate, additional boxes are just $3.99 ea
  • Additional hours need to be booked in advance and are $199 & include 50 more boxes.
  • We encourage limiting guests to 5 boxes.  This helps prevent traffic jams.
  • There are no other added fees or charges.  
  • We accept cash, checks and any major credit card.
  • Please let me know if you have any other specific needs, I am here to help you:)
 [Note: We bring a cart with us that holds 10 standard banker boxes worth of paper.  This is what we use to get an accurate count, even if the boxes or bags are different sized or if some are only partially filled.]  
Here are some helpful tips that you may want to put in your event ensure everyone has their paper prepared for shredding.
>>That page basically says: Staples & paper clips are OK.  Please no X Raysno metal(no hanging folders, no 3 ring binders, no Spiral notepads, no  Binder Clips, etc) as metal could cause a spark, which could catch the truck on fire, which would be bad. We assume the boxes are on street level(no stairs) and are easily accessible(no attics) If you are not sure, call or text me:)
  Thank you again for choosing Shred Bull!