How does shredding work?

You have a collection of  aging private documents, and have decided it is time to get rid of them.  If you have ever hired a shredding company to shred your documents for you, you already know how fast and easy it is.  The main thing you should be concerned with when hiring a shredding company is security.  You want to make sure your documents are shredded.  The only way to ensure this is to actually watch the shredding take place.   The second thing that will most likely influence your decision is price, how much does it cost to shred your documents.  You may have already weighed your options which include:


  • Use a home/personal 6 sheet at a time paper shredder, dealing with the device overheating every 10 minutes.  Cost=time + price of shredder.


  • Go to the local mail & ship or office supply store and drop your papers off to be shredded at a later date. Cost=$.70 cents to $1.00 per pound.


  • Bring your boxes or bags of documents to Shred Bull in RSM and watch them get shredded immediately. Cost=$15 for 1 box, $10 for each additional box.  A box is a bankers box or copier paper box.  The boxes hold 30 pounds of paper.  The more boxes you have the lower the price per box.  If you have your documents in different boxes or bags, no problem, we will just estimate how much you have.  Make sure you call first to make sure the truck and operator are available.


  • Schedule and appointment with Shred Bull, and we will come to you and shred all your documents at your home or office, while you watch.  We don't leave until everything is shredded.  Cost=$99 for 10 boxes(about $.33 cents per pound.)  Additional boxes are just $5ea.

Bottom line is, you want to hire a service to destroy your documents, offer you a fair price, and like any service business, you want to hire a company that understands customer service(Easy to schedule, on time, friendly & professional.)


How the Shredding Process works