Shred Bull Brand New Truck 2023

Shred Bull's $250,000 State of the art shredding truck shreds approx 200 standard bankers boxes worth of paper per hour

Here’s what you can expect from our San Diego shredding services by Shred Bull.

Our Shred Bull Shredding Company will provide you multiple quotes with our network of professional on-site shredding companies in San Diego.

This will save you time and provide better results. (shredding paper is our core business)

Our Shredding Company, Shred Bull, provides San Diego businesses and residents with the most secure and affordable shredding solutions.
Get multiple Shredding Quotes Fast!(normally in just an hour)

Here’s what San Diego Shredding can offer you

Scheduled Shredding Service.

EZ Pricing Shred Bull Shredding Service $99Business shredding clients as well as residential shredding customers in San Diego requiring weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service rely on us to provide them with professional services that are secure, reliable and affordable. It just takes one phone call to set up our scheduled service. We come out as soon as the next day to place our shredding console or cart in your office. We supply the shredder consoles or carts to corporate shredding clients at no charge, we just charge to empty them.

One Time or Purge Service

Businesses and residential clients that need a one time or periodic shredding of confidential documents should call us to get pricing. No job is too big, the more boxes full of documents that you have to shred the better our pricing gets.

We are SECURE! – HIPAA and FACTA compliant.

Our Shredding Company is a security conscious company. Our on-site corporate document shredding is one of the most important ways to protect your business and individual privacy. The Our Shredding Company secure system for document destruction is our primary business and our passion. San Diegobusinesses and individuals realize the importance of protecting the privacy of all the information in the documents that they produce, and eventually those papers that they dispose of. United States Federal and California privacy legislation requires that personal information be protected to avoid unauthorized access to confidential information.

We encourage you to watch us shred!

All 5 Star mobile shredding service reviews on YelpWe shred in front of you even if you come to our office to have boxes of documents shredded. It is hard to imagine why people drop off their documents at the local mail or office supply store, and then leave without seeing their most private documents shredded. I guess they just hope the bin they left their financial lives in is not stolen or opened by the wrong person…

All San Diego Shredding Service Vendors we never store documents, we just shred them securely and immediately. We also provide you with a Certificate of Destruction, confirming and documenting the disposal and elimination of your materials. We do not leave until every piece of your confidential paper is permanently destroyed.

We love the environment just like you do!

Shredding service near me San Diego shredding partners uses an environmentally sound process to destroy confidential documents and protect private information, maintaining legislation compliance and avoiding breach-of-security violations that could result in negative publicity. We recycle 100% of our paper shredding.

Additional Notes:

  • There is no need to remove staples or paperclips.
  • We will shred your paper materials such as tax forms, financial records and any other private/confidential documents .
  • Outdated files take up valuable space, increase your risk of a breach in confidentiality, and potentially compromise your compliance with the laws in California.
  • With one of the fastest and most advanced shredders available today onboard, our shredding trucks, are able to quickly, efficiently and securely destroy your documents right at your location.
  • The quantity of your file boxes can go up usually near accounting and tax cycles every single year, it is important to know when you are legally bound to destroy confidential documents.
  • Bring in your paper materials such as old tax forms, financial records and confidential documents to select locations and take advantage of the ease and convenience of our secure shredding service.
  • Hard Drive Destruction Services are available.
  • Community shredding services help protect individuals from Identity Theft and we offer this service in many areas including San Diego, California.
  • Consumer fraud and identity theft are becoming an epidemic in our communities. To raise awareness and to promote prevention, shredding services near me offers shredding events in San Diego, California.
  • These San Diego shredding events give residents the opportunity to have their confidential documents destroyed on site, for a small fee or a donation to a local church or other San Diego or California charity.
  • Our San Diego mobile shredding truck arrives at your San Diego office or home and complete the shredding job and shred while you watch!

Our Promise

San Diego Shredding service provides you with multiple paper shredding quotes so that you can choose the best, lowest cost shredding company that is in your local area. Since 1990 secure document destruction (paper shredding) has been the most efficient way for you to protect your confidential documents from identity theft. Simply fill out the form on our website and we will get you several quotes from our network of professional shredding companies. This saves you time and money. All our shredding companies are eco friendly and comply with state and federal privacy laws.

San Diego Paper Shredding by Shred Bull Shredding

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