What is one time or purge shredding?

One TIme Purge Shredding Great PricingSecure One Time Shredding is an ideal solution for individuals & organizations that need one time or periodic shredding of sensitive paper documents. One time shredding is cost effective, secure, convenient and environmentally-friendly. We will come to you at a specific time and shred all of your confidential documents right there for you to witness. We guarantee our low pricing, just call us.  Have 100's of boxes to shred?  We get pretty aggressive with pricing the more boxes you have.
Call, text or email us to discuss.  (949)459-3278 or email our owner john at shredbull dot com

Why Choose Shred Bull One Time Shredding?

  • ★ One Time Shredding, we shred at your home or office, while you watch just $99 for 10 boxes.
  • ★ Affordable and upfront with our pricing, we beat the big guys prices.
  • ★ Purge/one time secure mobile shredding 25 boxes just $149.
  • ★ We are local, owner operated…not a chain or franchise.
  • ★ Top of the line equipment, 2020 shredding truck is safe, fast & efficient.
  • ★ 100% SECURE & compliant with all state and federal privacy laws including HIPAA & FACTA.
  • ★ We show up at a specific time(no wait) & are professional, prompt and courteous…oh and nice.
  • ★ We encourage you to watch us shred!!!!
  • ★ We love the planet! 100% of your shredded paper is recycled.

Pricing isn’t everything…

Pricing is not the only consideration you have, but let’s face it, once you watch a big mobile shredding truck shred your documents you’ll understand how difficult/impossible it would be for anyone to put all those pieces of shredded paper back together. Our truck holds literally tons of shredded material…that would make for a huge puzzle. Once we shred your documents, they never leave our control…ensuring a proper chain of custody. We are 100% compliant with all privacy legislation as well. Bottom line is, we are efficient allowing us to beat the big guys prices.

One time mobile shredding for home or office

★ $99 for up to 10 standard banker boxes additional boxes just $5ea

★ $149 for 25 boxes additional boxes just $5ea

★ $249 for 50 boxes additional boxes just $4ea

★ $399 for 100 boxes additional boxes just $3.99ea

★ 100+ boxes. Bulk shredding can get complicated, please call for lowest prices

Orange County Shedding Pricing Per box of your documents, we come to you so you can watch us shred your old files and documents.

We consider a box to be a standard bankers box that measures 10” x 12” x 15” If you don’t have your documents in boxes, bags or totes are also fine. We put all of your documents into our 95 gallon cart, the cart holds 10 boxes, so we will get an accurate count:)

Shred Bull Shredding Process

  1. How the Shredding Process worksShred Bull Paper Shredding Truck arrives at your home or office.
  2. Shred Bull shredding staff gathers documents to be shredded.
  3. Documents are shredded immediately, while you watch. This is important, some places don’t shred on the spot, which is un-safe.
  4. Client can receive a certificate of destruction with their invoice, at no added charge.
  5. Shredded paper is securely transported to the paper recycling mill.
  6. The chain of custody is important, so the shredded paper never leaves our control until it is safely and securely recycled.
bakers box - shredding one time by the box purge

We consider a box to be a standard bankers box that measures 10” x 12” x 15”

We answer the phone, respond to questions and set up appointments, 7 days a week.

We service accounts in the field and are open by appointment on Saturday.  We can accommodate some special shredding requests on most weekends.