You are looking for an easy way to shred a couple boxes of paper.  You do a search an low and behold your local Staples Store does shredding.  You trust Staples shreddingsecure-staples-shredding services, so you call and it’s $1.00 per pound(Shred Bull is closer to .25 cents a lb).  You think, that’s fine and go for it.

Problem 1, We have found that many stores like FEDEX, UPS, Staples in addition to local mailing stores do not immediately shred your documents…they outsource shredding services. Problem 2, we have also seen these stores leave the cart key in the lock.  This is an unsafe practice.  Call your local store and ask them if you can observe the actual shredding of your documents.  At a local mail and ship store, we were told that they keep the wheeled cart, where you put your most private documents, until it is full.  This could mean your financial/private documents sit in the cart in the store for weeks.

There are many so called “drop off” shredding services like Staples Shredding.

"If you can’t watch your  confidential documents being shredded... leave.

Do you trust all of your private documents with all store employees?  What happens when the store is closed?  God forbid, what if someone goes into the store and rolls the cart into their vehicle and drives off with it?  The answer is anyone who put their documents in that cart, and paid $1.00 per pound, could be a candidate for ID Theft!

Shred Bull immediately shreds documents for our customers.  We encourage you to watch your confidential records be destroyed, our truck even has windows so that you can see what is being shredded.

See the answers from Staples, they do not shred immediately according to Staples

Does Staples have shredding services if I want to drop off some confidential items or do they just sell shredders?

Posted by Sally Tobias Popa on Thursday, March 14, 2013

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