Staples Shredding  Is Your Privacy at Risk?

Staples Shredding, Are your documents secure?

You are looking for an easy way to shred a couple of boxes of paper. You do a search and, low and behold, your local Staples Store offers shredding. You trust Staples' secure shredding services, so you call, and it’s $1.00 per pound. Shred Bull is closer to $0.25 per pound. You think, "That’s fine," and go for it.

But wait – is your privacy really secure with Staples shredding?

What are the risks of using Staples shredding services?

Problem 1: Delayed Shredding

Many stores like Staples, FedEx, UPS, and local mailing stores outsource their shredding services. This means your documents are not shredded immediately. They could sit in the store for days or even weeks until they are picked up for shredding.

Problem 2: Security Concerns

We've seen stores leave the cart key in the lock, an unsafe practice. At a local mail and ship store, we were told they keep the wheeled cart, where you put your most private documents, until it is full. This could mean your financial/private documents sit in the cart in the store for weeks, accessible to anyone who walks in.

Shred Bull has local drop off shredding locations where you will not have to feed your documents through a slot in the cart, rather our shredding partners will unlock the cart and allow you to empty a whole box into the cart.  These locations will ensure the safety of your documents until the cart is full, and then Shred Bull comes by and shreds all the documents right there, at the drop off location.  Here is all the info,, and it is just $10 per box at most locations.

Why should I choose Shred Bull Mobile Shredding instead of Staples shredding?

Immediate Shredding

Shred Bull Brand New Truck 2023

Shred Bull's $250,000 State of the art shredding truck shreds approx 200 standard bankers boxes worth of paper per hour

At Shred Bull, we immediately shred your documents for you. You can watch the shredding process to ensure your confidential records are destroyed right before your eyes. Our truck even has a video screen so you can see what is being shredded.    Go here for pricing and to make an appointment.

Secure and TransparentMobile Shredding FAQ

We encourage our customers to watch their documents being shredded. This transparency ensures that your private information is handled securely and gives you peace of mind.


Shred Bull offers shredding services at a fraction of the cost – around $0.25 per pound compared to Staples' $1.00 per pound. Save money while ensuring your documents are securely destroyed.

What should I do if I can't watch my documents being shredded at a store?

If you can’t watch your confidential documents being shredded. Ask yourself:

  • Do you trust all store employees with your private documents?
  • What happens when the store is closed?
  • What if someone goes into the store and rolls the cart into their vehicle and drives off with it?

The answer is clear: anyone who put their documents in that cart and paid $1.00 per pound could be a candidate for ID Theft!

How can I schedule a shredding service with Shred Bull?

Scheduling with Shred Bull is easy and secure:

  1. Call Us: Speak directly with our friendly staff to set up an appointment.  949-842-2378 We are out shredding all day, so if we don't answer(it is loud when we are shredding and we can't hear the phone ring.) Please just leave a message and we will get back to you in the afternoon.  Booking an appoinment here get you in line ASAP.
  2. Book Online: Use our convenient online scheduling tool to choose a date and time that works for you.

Visit our scheduling page to book your service today.

Why is shredding important?

Shredding your documents is crucial for:

  • Protecting Your Identity: Prevent identity theft by securely destroying personal information.
  • Compliance: Ensure your business complies with privacy laws and regulations.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Recycling shredded paper helps protect the environment.

Do you still have questions?

We know this stuff can be confusing if you have never hired a professional mobile shredding company before. Sometimes it is just easier to talk to someone who does this every day, so just give us a call, we are nice:) CALL(949)459-FAST

We come to your home or office and shred for you.
Have more than 100 boxes? We offer bulk pricing for big jobs.
We offer hard drive & smart phone shredding.
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